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Christmas Light Installation Will Replace Going To The Movies in 2020

Local Christmas lights installed on your home is just a click or call away.
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Entertainment is very limited this Christmas.

Shopping and Movie nights could be replaced by a nice drive to look at Christmas Light Installation this year. Covid-19 has been a drag for everyone in 2020 and as we say good-bye finally to the craziest year, we are looking forward to a fresh start in 2021.

Take to the streets to enjoy Christmas Lights this year. Holiday traffic for entertainment is not expected to be what it was previously.

To this, we are anticipating families in their cars looking at Christmas Light Installation to be much higher. Take a drive through an enchanted forest of lights after hours of waiting at places like Santa Land in East Texas to see large scale Christmas Light Installation. But there is an alternative to driving all the way to East Texas and waiting in line for hours just to get in.

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Neighborhood Christmas Light Installation Competitions

This year many Homeowners associations are sponsoring Christmas Light Installation Tours and display contests to encourage its residents to light up the neighborhood.

Find more lights on homes this year with Holiday maps like the ones on to find those areas that resemble a Christmas Village.

Christmas Light Installation

How do people get all those Christmas lights installed so quickly?

“We are already getting calls from homeowners asking to be scheduled early for Christmas Lights as early as October 15th” – Says Tanner Maxson, owner at Christmas Light Installer.

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While lights may not go up on your home any time soon. It is a good idea to start thinking about what you will do this Christmas season when it comes to hiring a decorator.

In years past, many families would take flights to see loved ones or visit faraway places to have a vacation, this year many will be staying home. With not much to do, you can bet the streets will be full of onlookers that are out to experience a bit of Christmas Spirit.

Act Now to reserve your spot with local Christmas Light Installers.

Demand for professional Christmas light installation is always very high and this year will be twice as high. Thinking about participating in your local Christmas Village? The time is now to secure your spot in the schedule of your favorite installer.

Your “Hire an Installer” Checklist

How To Save Money When Hiring a Christmas Light Installer

  1. Plan for Long Relationship With Your Contractor

    Materials are a large portion of the cost associated with installing lights. Most installers will only install and maintain the lights they have supplied. Plan on hiring the same installer every year so you can use your quality lights year after year.

  2. Get an Onsite Quote

    It is best to see your salesman in person so as to communicate your expectations and be sure the installer can execute on your vision. Nothing is worse than investing time and money into a project that will need additional investment later in order to achieve your goals.

  3. Use LED lights instead of Incandescent

    LED lights use less energy and last for much longer. You will save in the long run when you invest in quality commercial LED Christmas Lights.

  4. Make sure support and maintenance is FREE or built into the price.

    Nothing is worse than looking upon your two-day-old display, only to notice strands of lights that have gone dark. Ensure your display looks good all season long by having the warranty conversation with your installer.Christmas Light Tech Support

  5. Commit to multiple installations

    You can spread the cost of materials across multiple years by simply committing to stay with a contractor for multiple seasons. This will allow you to get started with your display this year and pay less when the materials are billed to you a little at a time.

What parts of the roof should I light up?

The most common install location for Christmas Lights on the roof is the front face and side face of the house all the way to the fence on both sides of the house.where to hang lights on roof

Things to consider incorporating into your Holiday Display.

Roof Lighting

Light up the front face or the ridgelines. There are many ways to light up a roofline. You could change up the color, use C9 bulbs or mini lights, or ice lights. There are many ways to light up your home that look tasteful and festive.

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Christmas Roof Lighting
Christmas Roof Lighting

Mini Lights on Trees and Shrubs

Draw a wow factor when you add mini lights to your Bushes, shrubs, and small trees to your Holiday display. Splash some color in a front landscape to dazzle.

Mini Lighting for Christmas Landscapes

Christmas Garlands around the front door

Simple touches like adding greenery around a front door will add texture and sparkle to welcome your guests.

Wreaths on house peaks and focal points.

Ground Stake Lighting

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Also, use Ground stakes for outlining pools, patios, walkways, or ponds, and water features. Ground stake lighting is a great way to outline the flower beds and tree rings.

Get started with Christmas Light Installation now.

If you are thinking of lighting up your home this year but you would rather hire a professional to make sure it looks perfect, we would love to help.

Installers are professionally trained to install a quality design using only the best materials and trained for safety and have all the necessary tools to get in those hard to reach places.

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