Christmas Light Troubleshooting

Here are some helpful tips for Christmas Light Troubleshooting and fixing lights as quickly as possible.

5 steps for easy Christmas Light Troubleshooting

1) Ensure your Christmas Lights are nice and dry.  Electricity does not like water.
2) Make sure your cables are plugged in.

3) Make sure the timers are not set to the off position.

Christmas Light Timer

4) Check the breaker box to make sure that all of your breakers are on.

Breaker tripping guide for Christmas Lights

5) Push the buttons in your GFCI switches that are built into the sockets all over your house.

Christmas Light GFCI troubleshooting

We guarantee every bulb and every strand for the entire season. The first thing you should consider when hiring a contractor to install your Christmas Lights is what type of guarantee they offer. We will respond to your call within 24 hours to troubleshoot a circuit or replace bulbs at no additional cost. You deserve the best customer service. Let’s work together to make this season a memorable one. The Christmas Season goes by so fast, don’t trust just anyone to keep you online and shining bright. Request a quote right now and have it within 24 hours.

If our materials fail any time before December 23rd, we will be there within 24 hours to fix it. (excluding Sundays, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. General reminder to unplug all devices during rain or snow. Electricity does not like water.)

Christmas Light Troubleshooting your Display

Pro tools for Christmas Light Installation Tech Support