Christmas Light Installation

Colorful Christmas Lights in Highland Village, Texas

Hey guys, Tanner here with Christmas Light Installer. And a lot of you guys are wanting to put up some Christmas lights. Some of you are thinking, “I want to do something different this year. I want to put some color out there. I’m tired of the warm white look.” I think warm white is elegant, it’s great, but there’s always other options. And one option we have over here. This is actually my neighborhood. We do some cool stuff for some of my neighbors because they’re lucky to be my neighbor.

Don’t Be Afraid to Add a Little Color to Your Design

But here it is, we did two purples and one pure white on this roof and it looks pretty darn cool. So if you like that, and then over here we got two green ones, one warm white on this pattern. So you don’t always have to just choose one pattern over the other. Of course, we did a bunch of other stuff over here. We’ve got some green shrubs, some multicolor. Check out this little multicolor tree. Nice, cool little tree isn’t it? This is actually a small redbud, I think. Pretty brand new tree. And we got to all the green going all the way down the side here. It matches the green shrubs and the warm white ground stake lighting in here. And we got a nice purple tree, a red tree, a green tree, a blue tree. We’ve got a multicolor tree back there. A lot of different things.

So if you want to play it up and get a little fancy for the kids this year, don’t be afraid to add a little color to your design. So you will definitely be different, you can make it your own. You can change your color and not just have your warm white. Now warm white is awesome, this whole place would look beautiful if all these trees were in warm white and the roof was in warm white. Actually, we do have a warm white tree in the backyard there.

Hire Your Favorite Tree Trimmer in October

So anyways, climb all the way up to the tops of these trees and just do all these trunks and branch wraps. Now, I always recommend for our clients to hire a tree trimmer in, like, early October to do a lift and thin on your tree limbs. If you’re in the Flower Mound area, there’s a good company called 1-2-Tree and they can climb way up there, skin up your trees, make it look nice, get more sunlight down for your grass. Hire your favorite tree trimmer in October, skin up the tree limbs, you know don’t hurt the tree, but make it to where you can see the Christmas lights, and the guys can climb up there comfortably, and really light it up.

I’m Excited About Christmas Lights

So you can see the more you lift, the more you can light up. So my neighbors light to like to see these lights, this is my house. And of course, we change our colors all the time because we can do that. So anyways, I’m excited about Christmas lights. I love Christmas lights. I hope you do too. And boom, here’s our red tree. This is pretty cool. So anyways, don’t be afraid to use color, mix it up. Be really festive, shock the neighbors, and have a good time. Merry Christmas.