Commercial Christmas Lights

Commercial Quality Christmas Lights vs Amazon or Box Store

Hey, guys. It’s dark out here. The sun just went down. I’m standing out here amongst one of our houses that we did with commercial-grade awesome C9 Warm White LEDs, and the neighbors install, they got the Home Depot Box Special over here. But I just want to show you the difference in the quality of the lights. You see the commercial lights over here that we did, they are much brighter, much crisper. And the home box store version is much more dim. Now, they are closer together. That’s how a lot of residential lights are made. But the commercial lights are separated a little bit further and I think it adds to the impact of what the house is supposed to look like with Christmas lights. So, anyways, you can see that our wreaths match the color of the Warm White LEDs, and over here, it’s just less than what this is, I think. So, if you’re wondering why commercial Christmas lights – it’s dark, you can’t even see me – but if you’re wondering why commercial Christmas lights cost a little bit more than residential Christmas lights, it’s because of that right there.

Spend a Few Extra Bucks on Your Lights

Now, not just that, the commercial Christmas lights last a long time and they’re very reliable. That’s why commercial guys like myself over here at prefer to hang the commercial stuff because we’re so responsible for the tech support. We don’t want our lights burning out, we don’t want any trouble, so we buy the best things that we can buy and we supply the best stuff to our customers. It looks good, it’s reliable, and it’s one thing that you definitely want to do, especially if your whole neighborhood’s done up in commercial stuff and then your house, even though it’s a beautiful house, beautiful neighborhood, if you’re the guy that has the residential version of Christmas lights, everybody’s going to know it, everybody’s going to see it, and you’re going to be like, “Gosh, I wish we’d have spent just a couple more bucks and got the best lights we could possibly get.” Now, around the corner, I don’t have time to walk you over there, but there’s even more guys that installed. These guys will install your house for 250 bucks, they’re working hard, they’re hustlers, but they just don’t know any better.

Lights From Different Brands Don’t Always Match

And I’m looking, I don’t know if we can see it from here, you see way over there? I don’t know if you can tell, but the left side of that house is a different color than the right side of that house because he got some of his lights and he ran out, and then he went to Lowe’s and got the other set of lights. So, all Warm White color is not the same – what they call color temperature. It’s hard to match when you switch brands, and that’s what happened over there. Actually, I think some of those came from Amazon and some came from Lowe’s because I talked to the customer a second ago. But yeah, you can’t really tell because there’s a big old light in the way, but that side, the tall side over here right in that area, to my eye almost looks pink it’s so off-brand white. But anyways, commercial Christmas lights are what you want, and that’s just a little education on what you can get if you get the right lights. Have a good one.