Christmas light installation in Frisco, TX

Christmas Light Installation in Frisco Texas – Better With Color

Tanner: Hey, guys. Tanner here with Christmas Light Installer. We are out here in, I think . . . where are we at, Frisco? We’re in Frisco hanging some awesome lights. Now, some of you guys are like, “I want to be festive this year. I want to do something cool, something different.” And we are doing some white trunks and red branches for this guy. This gal, actually. They’re going to do like little candy cane out here on the roof. Look at this tree over here. So, this other second tree we’re working on is going to look similar to this one.

Express Your Creativity With Your Christmas Lights

Tanner: Mix it up a little bit. You don’t have to be doing what everybody else does. You can’t really go wrong whenever you use your creativity out here and dress everything up with Christmas lights. Yes, it doesn’t make any sense to have a white trunk and red branches, but, you know, there are no rules. It’s just whatever you can be creative with, and you can get out here and make something awesome like that.

Speaker 2: Looks good.

Tanner: Thank you. The neighbors like it and I think you will, too. Don’t be afraid to get some green trunks and some white canopies, or some white trunks and some red canopies. There’s just a lot of different things you can do to dress up your house with Christmas lights this year. We’d love to design it for you. We’d love to help you make your dreams come true and make all of the neighbors think that you’re awesome, and your kids go outside and just have a great time. What a better time to have, with the neighbors, bring out your fire pit, get all nice and cozy with some hot chocolate and be a little social and get something like that and really dress up the place.

We Enjoy Creating Christmas for Everyone

Tanner: It’s my favorite time of the year. We get to create Christmas for everybody. So, hopefully, you’re having a great holiday season. Merry Christmas to all and all, y’all give us a call at 214 317 8301, and you can also go to