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Southlake Christmas Light Installer
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You Can Have The Best Southlake Lights
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Southlake Christmas Light Installation

Christmas time is approaching fast, and nothing gets a person into the holiday spirit more than a well-designed Christmas lights show. Residents and business owners of Southlake, TX adore putting up a festive Christmas light display, but the work involved can be overwhelming. It takes a lot of time, effort, and organizational skills to put up dazzling holiday lights.

Fortunately, residents of Southlake who want to put up the holiday lighting display of their dreams can rely on us to get the job done. We offer high-quality, professional Christmas lights installation services that will make the entire process easy, from start to finish.
Southlake Holiday Lighting

How it Works

Many Christmas movies have used the frustrations of setting up Christmas lights as the punchline for a joke. Southlake, TX residents and business owners can rest assured they will never have to be put in such a situation, as our Christmas lights installation process is fast and efficient. Here’s a breakdown of what the process looks like: 

One: Request a Quote

The first step for residents and business owners of Southlake, TX is to contact us for a quote on their Christmas lights installation. We have design professionals that will help customers decide what their perfect Southlake holiday lights display will look like. 

Two: Take Project Measurements

After working with a design professional, a member of our professional Southlake Christmas lights installation staff will meet the customer at the location at which the lights will be set up. They will take any measurements necessary and provide the customer with a quote for the installation.

Three: Approve the Quote

A member of our professional Southlake holiday lights installation team will be able to answer any questions our customers have about the service. Once they are satisfied, they can approve the quote and schedule the installation.

Four: Speedy Installation

On the scheduled day of installation, our team members will be happy to put the customers’ minds at ease by answering their questions and keeping the installation efficient and neat. Before long, customers will be staring at the Christmas lights display of their dreams. 

Five: Removal and Storage

At the end of the season, it is time for the Christmas lights display to be taken down and stored for the following year. It does not take long for customers to learn that taking a Christmas lights display down is just as difficult as putting one up. Fortunately, our quote includes removal and safe storage. 

The Bottom Line

One of the greatest joys of the Christmas season is seeing houses and businesses decorate their property with festive, eye-catching Southlake holiday lighting displays. To help them make this happen, we offer professional Southlake Christmas light installation, design, removal, and storage. Call or click the button to request a quote on our services. 
How it works:
$800 minimum to get started.
Christmas Light Installation in Southlake, Texas
  • Request a Quote - Get your design and schedule install quickly.
  • We Measure - Our responsive sales staff is will be dispatched right away to measure and schedule your service.
  • Approve the Quote - ​The price includes light rental, installation, service and storage. 
  • Our Crew Installs Quickly - We service you all season long and remove the lights too.
  • Removal and Storage - All lights are removed and stored for next season.
Christmas Light Installer Gives You Everything You Need For Fast, Easy Christmas Light Installation
Without The Complication.
Tanner Maxson Owner
"We started hanging lights back in 2005 when one of my lawn service clients asked us to install her roofline. It was a fun job and it seemed to fit in a time when our lawn service was experiencing a slow period in the schedule. Now we can't wait for this time of year. Christmas Light Installation is now a major part of our company and we look forward to serving your family this year. "
- Tanner Maxson
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