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You Can Have The Best Murphy Lights
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Showing Off Your Holiday Spirit with Christmas Light Installation in Murphy

Each year, the Christmas season brings people together and breathes joy into the hearts of millions of people. Few things turn heads and light up onlooker’s faces quite like a dazzling holiday display. Holiday lighting in Murphy seems to grow bigger and more elaborate with each passing year. Of course, setting up those displays gets more complicated as well. 

Bringing Professional Flair to Your Holiday Décor

Though many people look forward to the Christmas season all year long, they also spend months dreading the decorating process. Untangling lights and finding all the decorations from last year can be a hassle in its own right. Then, you have the actual setup to deal with, and the display never quite turns out like you hope it will. 
Murphy Holiday Lighting

Clark, the lights look just wonderful.!

From misplaced staples to unsteady ladders, any number of things can go wrong. While most decorating experiences don’t reach Clark Griswold magnitude, about 13,000 people visit the emergency room each year because of Christmas decor-related injuries. 
Why not turn to the experts with your holiday decorating needs? We offer professional Christmas light installation in Murphy and the surrounding areas. You don’t have to struggle with the details or place yourself in danger just to show your Christmas spirit. We’re here to help.

Our Holiday Light Installation Process

Our team provides services for homes and businesses throughout the area. No matter how minimalistic or extravagant your Murphy holiday lighting and decorating visions may be, we can help. Your first step is to contact us and tell us a little more about what you have in mind. 

Request a Quote

When you contact us for a quote by phone or using the form we’ve provided, one of our team members will contact you shortly. From there, we’ll visit your home or business, discuss your plans, take measurements, and give you a price. The quote will include materials, lighting, labor, take down and storage. 

Approve the Quote

We’ll make sure you fully understand what your quote entails. Then, you’ll approve the quote. After that, we’ll schedule an appointment to come out and bring your holiday decorating dreams to life. 

Quick, Efficient Installation

Our team will then show up at the agreed-upon date and time to install your Christmas décor. We pride ourselves on providing fast, professional services, and we’re committed to your satisfaction. 

Maintenance Services

We’re also well-aware that installation isn’t the last step of the process. Storms, high winds, and other issues can easily wreak havoc on your holiday décor, and bulbs and connections are notorious for giving trouble. We provide maintenance for your Christmas light installation all season long, so it shines bright no matter what.

Take Down and Storage

When the holiday season comes to an end, we’ll also take down your décor and stow it away until next year. You won’t have to worry about keeping the lights untangled or finding a safe place to store it all until you’re ready to use it again. 

Simply let us know when you want to decorate for the next season, and we’ll come back to recreate your display. 

Leave Your Holiday Decorating to the Professionals

Christmas is always right around the corner, and we offer a broad range of holiday décor to meet all your expectations. Just call us or contact us using the form we’ve provided to get started with your Murphy Christmas light installation
How it works:
$800 minimum to get started.
Christmas Light Installation in Murphy, Texas
  • Request a Quote - Get your design and schedule install quickly.
  • We Measure - Our responsive sales staff is will be dispatched right away to measure and schedule your service.
  • Approve the Quote - ​The price includes light rental, installation, service and storage. 
  • Our Crew Installs Quickly - We service you all season long and remove the lights too.
  • Removal and Storage - All lights are removed and stored for next season.
Christmas Light Installer Gives You Everything You Need For Fast, Easy Christmas Light Installation
Without The Complication.
Tanner Maxson Owner
"We started hanging lights back in 2005 when one of my lawn service clients asked us to install her roofline. It was a fun job and it seemed to fit in a time when our lawn service was experiencing a slow period in the schedule. Now we can't wait for this time of year. Christmas Light Installation is now a major part of our company and we look forward to serving your family this year. "
- Tanner Maxson
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