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You Can Have The Best Lights
You Can Have The Best Carrollton Lights
Everything You Need For Fast, Easy Christmas Light Installation
Without The Complication.
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Thinking About a DIY Christmas Light Installation? Why You Might Want to Think Again. . .

Are you already making plans for your Christmas light installation (or perhaps a more generic holiday light installation)? While many homeowners assume this is a job that they can handle themselves, there are some pitfalls and possible issues that you need to think about before you begin work.
First of all, think about the lights you want to install: what kind of shape are they in? Do you know if all the bulbs will light up? Are they sitting in an old cardboard box, a tangled rat’s nest? Who wants to deal with all of that - and do you really have the time anyway?

A Solution That Makes Sense, Saves Money and Time, and Is Safe

At Christmas Light Installer, we know there is a better way. As professional Carrollton Christmas light installers, we handle all the work. Our team are experienced professionals at dealing with all types of Holiday Lighting in Carrollton, and greater DFW area.

Holiday Lighting

Request A Quote.

The whole process begins with you picking up the phone or filling out the webform. We will set up a visit to come out to your property. There, we will consult with you on design/display ideas and options, providing you with a comprehensive quote, and if you agree, schedule a day for our team to return to put everything in place. Keep in mind that your cost will be determined by the size of your install (larger homes and businesses will cost more than smaller ones). One of our Carrollton pros will actually visit your premises to take the measurements and interact with you. Alternatively you can skip this process and rent a package if you are in a hurry and want to skip the design consultation.

A Comprehensive Package.

When you deal with Carrollton holiday lighting professionals, the price you pay (for residences as well as businesses) includes the rental of new, highest-quality lighting systems, professional installation (and the work will be done safely because it's done by professionals), and maintenance throughout the entire holiday season.

Takedown and Storage.

And at the end of the Christmas holiday season, when it's time to take down your lights, you won't have the hassle of braving the cold outside - Carrollton's expert installers will return to safely remove the lighting and will pack everything neatly away in secure storage boxes. This means that you will save on the cost of buying new lighting year after year and so your installation cost will be low every year!

Not Just Roof Lighting.

Of course, roof lighting is what we do. But we can also handle installation of ground stake lighting to outline your walkway - or even your hedges, porch area, garage doors and even on shrubs, bushes and trees.

Our team can also place wreaths and garlands on your doors, entranceway arches so that your property will look beautiful even during the daytime.
If you’re ready to take your holiday decorations to the next level, give us a call or book an appointment for an onsite measurement with the webform to discuss your options. 
How it works:
$800 minimum to get started.
Christmas Light Installation in Carrollton, Texas
  • Request a Quote - Get your design and schedule install quickly.
  • We Measure - Our responsive sales staff is will be dispatched right away to measure and schedule your service.
  • Approve the Quote - ​The price includes light rental, installation, service and storage. 
  • Our Crew Installs Quickly - We service you all season long and remove the lights too.
  • Removal and Storage - All lights are removed and stored for next season. 
Christmas Light Installer Gives You Everything You Need For Fast, Easy Christmas Light Installation
Without The Complication.
Tanner Maxson Owner
"We started hanging lights back in 2005 when one of my lawn service clients asked us to install her roofline. It was a fun job and it seemed to fit in a time when our lawn service was experiencing a slow period in the schedule. Now we can't wait for this time of year. Christmas Light Installation is now a major part of our company and we look forward to serving your family this year. "
- Tanner Maxson
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